Armchair Activist is mostly a place to publish my replies to and comments about other blogs or conversations with other commentors in blog threads. It’s also a journal and a place where I like to share ideas, particularly advice on easy things you can do (mostly from an armchair – or your desk) to make the world a better place. 

I’ve noticed a consistant theme to my conversations with people in threads of the blogosphere – even across radically different subjects, and I feel compelled to collect them all in one place. Call it pride, I guess… I’m still human. 

More specifically, I’m a 20-something residing in the north-eastern most corner of the US in the pine-needle covered state of Maine. It feels remote sometimes, and maybe that’s why I haven’t done much more when it comes to activism. Maybe it’s partially because I’m also an awful procrastinator – an affliction that has taken its toll in my own academics. 

That’s right, don’t be shocked. I’m not an expert. This is not an academic or professional pursuit providing footnotes to back up facts or assertions. I do not have the academic and scientific qualifications that ideally would be applied to consideration of most of the important issues I write about but as every human being I am a participant in global affairs. I have a keen interest in history and, like you, a personal stake in its outcome.


-Jeremy Keith Hammond


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